Professor Andrei M. Shkel


Graduate Students

  Alexandra Efimovskaya
Project: Single-Chip Roll-Pitch-Yaw Sensor
Sina Askari
Project: MEMS Gyroscope Calibration and Error Modeling,
MEMS based Vestibular Prosthesis
  Mohammad H. Asadian
Project: Rate Integrating Gyroscope, MEMS Packaging, Micro
Yusheng Wang
Project: Micro Rate Integrating Gyroscope (MRIG)
Yu-Wei Lin
Project: Multi-DOF Inertial Measurement Unit through Folded Platform
Radwan Mohammednoor
Project: Chip-Scale Combinatorial Atomic Navigator (C-SCAN)
Bahram Seifi
Project: Chip-Scale Combinatorial Atomic Navigator (C-SCAN)
Danmeng Wang
Daryosh Vatanparvar
Project: Study of Fabrication Imperfections and Modeling of Energy Loss in MEMS Resonators


Undergraduate Students

Vasu Sharma
Vestibular Prosthesis



Dogukan Yildirim, Postdoctoral Fellow (2016–2017)
Currently at Ministry of National Education in Ankara, Turkey
Sambuddha Khan, Postdoctoral Fellow (2014-2015)
Venu Gundeti, MS Recipient (2015)
Currently at Maxlinear Inc., Irvine, CA
Doruk Senkal, PhD Recipient (2015)
Currently at InvenSense, San Jose, CA
Dr. Joan Giner de Haro, Postdoctoral Fellow
Currently at Hitachi Research Center, Tokyo, Japan
Brent Simon, PhD Recipient (2014)
Currently at Fairchild Semiconductor, San Jose, CA
Dr. Sergei Zotov, Postdoctoral Fellow
Currently at GE Global Research Center, Niskayuna, New York
Yuchao Liu,MS 2014
Dr. Jalal Ahamed, Assistant Professor
Currently at University of Windsor, Canada
Dr. Gunjana Sharma, Postdoctoral Fellow
Currently at HRL, California
Dr. David Blocher, Postdoctoral Fellow
Currently at MIT-Lincoln Labs, MA
Igor Prikhodko, PhD Recipient (2013)
Currently at Analog Devices, MA
Dr. Alexander Trusov, Project Scientist
Currently at Northrop Grumman, California
Dr. David Markus, Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Sandeep Kumar, Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Christopher Raum, Postdoctoral Fellow
Currently at JPL, California
Elham Asadollahei, MS Recipient (2012)
Adam Schofield, PhD Recipient (2009)
Currently at Positioning, Navigation & Timing (PNT) Branch, US Army CERDEC/CP&I
Dr. Marc Salleras, Postdoctoral Fellow
Alexander Trusov, PhD Recipient (2009)
Currently at Northrop Grumman, California
Monty Rivers, MS Recipient (2009)
E. Jesper Eklund, PhD Recipient (2008)
Currently at Western Digital, California
Max Perez, PhD Recipient (2008)
Jasmina Casals, PhD Recipient (2007)
Currently at UPC, Spain
Ilya Chepurko, Research Staff
Chris Painter, PhD Recipient (2005)
Currently at Apple, California
Ozan Anac, MS Recipient (2005)
Currently at InvenSense, San Jose, CA
Shamaun Holston, MS Recipient (2004)
Cenk Acar, PhD Recipient (2004)
Currently at Fairchild, California
Jiayin Liu, MS Recipient (2003)
Jung-Sik “J” Moon, MS Recipient (2001)
Sebnem Eler, MS Recipient (2001)
Andreu Fargas, MS Recipient (2001)
Jasmina Casals, MS Recipient (2001)
Currently at UPC, Spain


Rotation Students

Richa Sharma
Graduate Student
Kai Ding
Graduate Student
Shan Cong
Graduate Student
Jamison Jew
Undergraduate Student
Shan Sun
Graduate Student
Yang Chen
Graduate Student
Jeffrey Catterlin
Graduate Student
Jie Han
Graduate Student
Dylan Jay Huynh, Undergraduate Lab Assistant
Alex Wang, Undergraduate Lab Assistant