Micro Rate Integrating Gyroscope (MRIG)

A new paradigm for wafer-level fabrication of inherently symmetric, atomically smooth high Q-factor gyroscopes.

Silicon Gyrocompass

Silicon Gyrocompass

Developing a feasible practical approach leading to MEMS gyroscopes with performance required for precision gyro-compassing applications.

Folded IMU

Folded Inertial Measurement Unit

This project explores a technology for implementation of a 6-axis micro inertial measurement unit (╬╝IMU) on a single substrate.

Shell Resonators

Shell Resonators

A new paradigm for design and fabrication of 3-D spherical shell resonators.


Chip-Scale Combinatorial Atomic Navigator (CSCAN)

MEMS-based atomic gyroscopes with the C+SWaP advantages of Si MEMS devices.

Magnetic Resonance Gyroscope

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Gyroscope

A class of promising rotation sensors that can rival state-of-the-art gyroscopes.

Robust Gyro

Robust Gyroscopes

It is desirable to achieve inherent robustness at the sensing element to minimize compensation requirements.

Optical Accelerometer

Optical Accelerometer

The design of a navigation-grade silicon accelerometer ideal for applications in harsh environments is investigated.


Vestibular Prosthesis

A successful Vestibular Prosthesis is seen as a promising MEMS-based implant to restore the lost sense of balance