Hosting of the IEEE Panel

On July 7th-July 8th, 2016, Prof. Shkel hosted at UCIrvine the Summer meeting of the IEEE Gyro and Accelerometer Panel (GAP). The panel has been engaged for more than 50 years in creating standard terminology, specification formats, and test procedures for detection or measurement of linear or angular motion.

Congratulations to Andreu Fargas on successful Ph.D. Defense

Andreu Fargas in November 2015 successfully defended his Ph.D. Thesis titled “Energy Efficient Control of Electrostatically Actuated MEMS”. He completed his work at the University Polytechnic De Catalunya. Andreu is a part of the Microsystems Lab family, where he completed his Master Thesis work in 2001. Congratulations to Dr. Fargas!

Prof. Shkel is elected to the Executive Committee of the IEEE Sensors Council

Prof. Shkel was elected to the Executive Committee of the IEEE Sensors Council and will assume in 2016-2018 responsibilities of the Vice President for Technical Activities of the Council. The election was held at the Administrative Committee meeting in Busan, South Korea, on November 1st. The Sensors Council is providing the leadership of IEEE, the largest professional organization in the world, in the field of sensors and supported by 24 IEEE Societies (with the combined membership of over 260,000 members), The IEEE Sensors Council sponsors the flagship IEEE Sensors Conference and the IEEE Sensors Journal.

Our paper on glass dry-etching is among most popular JMEMS publications

Our paper by Mohammed J. Ahamed, Doruk Senkal, Alexander A. Trusov, and Andrei M. Shkel, “Study of High Aspect Ratio NLD Plasma Etching and Postprocessing of Fused Silica and Borosilicate Glass,” IEEE/ASME Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, vol.44, no.4, pp. 790-800, August 2015. [IEEE Xplore], is among most popular JMEMS publications (25th out of 50 most Popular Articles (August 2015)).

Alexandra Efimovskaya was among 53 “Raising Stars” at DARPA’s “WaitWhat?: A Future Technology Forum”

On September 9-11th in St. Louis, MO, DARPA held a major technology showcase in more than 8 years, see . Sasha was among 53 “Raising Starts”, a group of young professionals nominated by DARPA Program managers as likely “Future Technology Leaders”. “Raisers” had an exclusive opportunity to present their work to DARPA Program Managers and Pentagon’s top executives. This was a great opportunity for Sasha to discuss her research and show prototypes. Congrats.