Hilton Head 2012

Two papers have been accepted to the Solid-State Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems Workshop 2012: “Titania Silicate / Fused Quartz Glassblowing for 3-D Fabrication of Low Internal Loss Wineglass Micro-structures” by Doruk Senkal, Christopher R. Raum, Alexander A. Trusov, and Andrei M. Shkel, and “Achieving Long-Term

US Patent # 8,113,050 Issued

U.S. Patent 8,113,050 entitled ” Robust six degree-of-freedom micromachined gyroscope with anti-phase drive scheme and method of operation of the same,” by Cenk Acar, Andrei Shkel, Adam Schofield, Lynn Costlow, Asad Madni has been awarded. [PDF]